UAS Inspection Services | SOA
UAS Inspection Services | SOA
Drone-equipped data services for builders, engineers, and architects.




UAS Inspect is a nationwide aerial intelligence service offered by the remote sensing experts at Sierra Overhead Analytics.

Since 2014, Sierra Overhead Analytics (SOA) has combined traditional survey methods with new advancements in autonomous robotics to offer superior mapping and high-resolution imaging services, allowing clients to quickly receive better-quality datasets while saving on cost.

SOA is a professional engineering firm, and thus we are highly accustomed to to taking work products to the highest standard of quality. Our approach to using drones / Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) is guided by years of experience on the cutting edge and a maximum focus on safety and efficiency.

Preparing to launch an operation over Wy0ming with a fixed-wing sUAS.

Preparing to launch an operation over Wy0ming with a fixed-wing sUAS.

We work with local, state, and federal bodies to verify the safety and legality of our operations and to generate permit-ready plansets or data outputs. Whether you’ve been interested in implementing drones in your workflow, but have been unsure where to start, or are a seasoned user of aerial data, we have you covered with industry-best data collection and processing services nationwide.

Read on to learn more about how our expertise helps you save cost and reach new levels of insight.




We use Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and satellite observations to precisely locate and extensively model in 3 dimensions any objects required - whether that’s terrain forms, structures, or infrastructure. Our UAS Inspect process maps your desired targets at high resolution, with outputs tailored to the needs of your technical professionals. All of the following applications have been field tested extensively with clients.




Our UAS services are marked by the highest level of technical sophistication and professionalism. We started working with drones when they were in their infancy - and use our expertise in the fundamentals to optimize every step of the mapping workflow, with no mistakes.


CAD & GIS integration

Outputs are tailored to your specifications for easy use by your technical teams in their preferred design environments - such as AutoCAD, ArcGIS, Microstation, Revit, or other platforms.


multi-layer data models

Multispectral UAS data, satellite DEM's, LiDAR, terrestrial and 3D scanning, sonar, and GPR readings are synthesized into cohesive datasets. 


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Cloud-based processing and storage allow for efficient scaling to any project size. Our process removes computational bottlenecks and speeds delivery.


permit-ready reports

Our methods meet ASPRS, ASTM, ISO, and other relevant AHJ methodological standards for verifiable accuracy in technical products.



remote sensing platforms

UAS Inspect has a variety of drone platforms to grab your data, in addition to manned aviation and satellite providers. 

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flight clearances everywhere

We are skilled at navigating airspace and jurisdictional requirements for drone operations. We typically receive quick approval from local and federal authorities.




Outputs of successful UAS Inspect projects from around the country. 





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